Door Jam™* Indoor Basketball Mini-Hoop
The DOOR JAM is the best little hoop you will find anywhere !   However, this Season* we do offer you a choice:

...give me the HEAVY METAL
(Tell Me More about the DJ !)

...I'd like to GO PLASTIC
(NERF™ and other options)

* Season = Christmas, and Basketball, 2007

At QuesTech, we like to think that everyone can see that the DOOR JAM is a great product. We - and our customers - are unanimous in our feeling that the all-steel, durable DOOR JAM hoop is your best value. Get the DOOR JAM if you, or your kids, or your friends, are going to "throw down*" in mini-basketball...

* to "throw down" - to put your game on the line - in basketball, or anything else

However - if you want other options besides The Indoor Hoop that Keeps It Real, then GO PLASTIC - and check out some of the other hoops we offer. We've "scouted" some of the best plastic hoops, and we bring a few of these products to you for your consideration. If you, or your young "playas," find that the plastic hoop doesn't hold up to your game, then come back -- join our team of satisfied customers -- and "bring it all home" with a DOOR JAM !

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The indoor hoop that KEEPS IT REAL

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